Dreaming, to Become A Reality

“If you dont even dreaming something, dont expect that it will be a reality.” 
I dont know how to arrange those kind of words, because I heard those words in Bahasa Indonesia. Hehe.. I’m not so good in english, so I can only made those words to be look like that sentence. ckck. I remember that I heard the sentence for the first time from my senior, when I was having a meeting with my comrades in my campus. It’s so touching my feeling, dont know why it does. But, until now I still remember that sentence..
When I searched the facebook yesterday, I found some interesting pictures in the news feed. It was my ex-classmate friend pictures, who got a travel to overseas, exactly she went to China, just for 3 weeks ago. Wow..it’s so great.

I don’t even imagine that before, but it was really really her. It is very awesome, go to overseas, meet the other people in the other world side, that we haven’t knew before. But it was true. She had made it very well.. She made her dream come true, and now it has been a reality.
I really really got motivated by her. You know, I had always been dreaming the same. I wanna go to overseas too for someday, when my english had been better, and if I got the chance. I also had been dreaming about being a doctor that have an influence to the world, going overseas every time I want, made a discovery, study overseas until got a Profesor title, hha.. And made my Indonesia better and better with my ability, experience and knowledge. But for now.. that just a dream, and I let my self to do the best that I could. I don’t know wheter it will be a reality in the future, but I still have a hope that it will. InsyaAllah.. So just keep dreaming,  let our self to do the best, and let Allah do the rest.
“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls.” (Holy Qur’an, Ar-Ra’d: 11)

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