The Purpose of Life

In the night when you got asleep
those tommorow’s life was nothing knew
it just coming along your gloommy heart
until you tell Him what you feel

That was a long way..
you maybe had happiness and sadness colouring your life
you smile and cry, just cant be counted
but you still have a dream right?
so just never mind

You know the part of life is always changing

the story always begin and ended together
That’s what you call the story of life
and you are the starring of it

the time has passed..
and you saw your self grown-up when it passed
have you found your purpose of life?
are you sure? have you try to made it?
you should never say die

then Allah is always gives you His kindness right?
every story He made always ended of tears
tears of happines, the tears of heaven
do you think it is true? you will find it when you go through
and this story of life is the way for you to find it true or not

Do you know these tears mean?
The tears of heaven that you told me before
These are the tears of recognition
that His Love is always near to be taken
So have you found your purpose of life?
Maybe you can answer by your self someday.

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