Eid Mubarrak in The Village

Yesterday i went to my father’s village, located a quite far from Bukittinggi, but still in Agam region. Palembayan it was. A beautiful small village surrounded by tropical hills and cliffs, paddie field, fresh river and amazing view. Even though there was not a very good road to go there, *there were many off-road spots on the way.., but I was glad to have Eid with my family there.

At usual, it was about three-hour drive from my house in Payakumbuh, we (me, mother, father and my little brother) left our home at seven o’clock in the morning, decided to have Ied pray in Palembayan mosque. Maybe it was too late, but we were still keep going. At least, the traffic that morning was quite deserted alhamdulillah.. so we could arrive on nine o’clock and had a chance to pray in Masjid Raya Lubuak Gadang at the time.

After praying we went to my grandma’s house located a quite far from the mosque. Exactly we had to climb a hill to go there. It was not the same with the condition when I was child, where the road to go there was only a ground walking-road in the tropical forest. When it was rain, the road will get wet and muddy, it was almost everywhere. We must remove our slippers if we want to go there, sometimes our clothes would get muddy and it was quite dangerous. But now there was a cement road made by villagers on the hill so that we didn’t have to get our clothes muddy anymore.

Finnaly we almost reached my grandma’s house. Near the house was a buffalo eating her meals, she was cute. haha, no kidding. *I was wondering, was the buffalo a male or female?, haha. its okay.. I just called her and took her picture a bit. πŸ™‚

I took my grandma’s house too. πŸ™‚ *a little narsistic detected. LOL

Whoa..that was a quite fun. Finnaly I met my grandma, kissing her hand and hug her. There were another relatives in my grandma’s house, they were my fathers big family. I didn’t remember each of them clearly but I was just happy to met them, especially some little kids and my nephews. *they were so cute :mrgreen: !

When the food was ready prepared, I didn’t forget to take a picture before we ate them. ckck. There was a very unique tradition in the village when the Iedul Fitri comes, every house in the village prepared three kind of meals, my grandma’s house was no exception. There were Sup Daging, Gulai Bukek and Rendang. These were a meat prosseced foods thats should be eaten with rice. So, don’t take so many rice if you don’t want to get full shortly. LOL

That was my story. How about you? hehe.
*sorry for any grammatical error.. hahaha, i’m still studying. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Eid Mubarrak in The Village

  1. me? just stayed at home and sometimes visited nearby family houses πŸ˜€
    by the way, I am sorry, maybe it’s too late, but please forgive me for any mistakes that I’ve made


    1. its okay mi, everybody has their own story,..
      me too πŸ˜€ minal aidin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir batin πŸ™‚


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