The End to The Beginning

The year will almost passing by, and there must be some lessons everybody has learned on the past years, at least at this year which coming to end. Yet to seeing yourself that always sit down or just having seen your only face on the mirror, it looks better to start seeing the upcoming road. You can’t only staying here not to do anything or just leave your self being such an unprogressing person right?

Dzulhijjah is what I want to say and the upcoming Muharram will be coming soon insya Allah, and there must be another steps that we have to take, to be a progressing person. Yap, that is what every Muslim should takes. As a muslim we must make a lesson from the passed time and there must be a better day a lot in front of the upcoming days. Thats Hijriyah!

There must be a change. Not just a little, I want a big change! Not like what I said in the past few years ago, a small change in hope just making you like an un-optimistic person! So now let me show you how optimistic we as muslim has to do! Yes we will make a big change! Insya Allah.

Coz every muslim knows that anyone who get a better after yesterday is the lucky one, and you should know you’re very lucky coz you’re muslim and we, muslims, must do the best, being better the day after and after. Ganbatte, be strong, make an intuition, work hard, pray and tawakal ‘alallah!

Yes, this is must be the end of our emptiness, and lets face more shining and sparkling days! Muhassabah is our way right? And smiling with a great hope will always shine our heart facing tomorrow, coz Allah is our only purpose. 🙂

Lets say, allahummaghfirlana, dzunubana, waliwalidaina, warhamhuma kama rabbayana shogiro..

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, the beginning must begun soon. Hijriyah 1435 will coming soon, insya Allah. May Allah give us the chance to meet the new year, and start our new journey again. Amin..

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