The Way I Love Reading

For the past of my life, I’ve been thinking about a hobby that just came into my third decade of ages. Someone has shown me about something that I’ve never imagine as a hobby, maybe only in this short time of life. He looks fine with it, and enjoyed it. I could see it with my eyes that he loves it. And I thought that I should be grateful for Allah who has shown me someone like him.

Let me introduce himself.

His name maybe not so important, but his attitude was really did. He was my first and only German friend that I had never known before. Twenty five years old, two years up to my age. But in that age, he was known as a medical student, just like me in the last few months ago. We met in March, at fourth, in a historical building just like a castle of Hogwarts, if I said, when I studied in Italy for a month, due to an exchange program. He was my roomate.

At the first time, we were just being talked one by another. Time flew and he became one of my best friend in that foreign country. We often explored the city together, told some stories, and treated our selves. As long as I knew him, he used to come to library for looking some literatures, browsing internet, and came back to the dorm with his books. He used to do that almost in everyday, and I watched it.

At night, before going to bed, I was contrary been to him. I opened my tablet, browsing and looking for social media and some others, meanwhile he was busy with his book. I looked him carefully, reading, and reading, until he feel asleep.

The next days, when we traveled to the city square, taking bus, and sat down on a chair, his hands were still bringing his book. Read again, and so on, that he looked flying on his own world. After we ate the lunch at the canteen just in a few minutes after taking a bus from city square, he asked me to join him to come to the city main library. I agreed and walked a few kilometers until we came to the very big and beautiful library of the city.

One of the Genova city's main library, called Vila Imperiale Library.
One of the Genova city’s main library, called Vila Imperiale Library.

He asked me to come in, and that was amazing. Really. I saw a very big room with a lot of bookshelves. Another rooms for another books, and also, some long tables with electric slots and laptops, completely with a high speed internet access. And also, some other rooms just showed me some of paintings, posters, placards, and many interesting things about books. Then, I vigorously searched for almost Italian books, that I had just met for the very first time.

The stairs and the door to get in to the library
bookshelves on the first floor
Information sign within the rooms
Information sign within the rooms
Views on another room in the 2nd floor
Some displays of placards and arts
Get into the main big room of the library
Get into the main big room of the library
You can see very beautiful paintings on the ceiling

Until I told him, “What a diligent person you are,” and my heart asked my self, “why don’t you love reading like him?”

I never knew what exactly the answer, but I just have learned something for a man like him. He unwittingly taught me the way to love reading. And I think he really made it. When I found a book that was very precious, called Santo Corano, which means, “Holy Qur’an”, I think I also found something. Something that I knew so precious too, just like the book I took. That is the spirit. I told my self. I have to try to love reading, and I think I’ve just made it in a few days after I met a man like him. Later, I decided to made a promise to my self. Dear my self, let’s start reading.

Books of every knowledge in the world


Come on! My self screamed. What is an another big reason for me, as a Moslem, that you are always taught and ordered to read?! Allah had said, in lately fourteen centuries ago, “Read! In the name of Lord who created!” and continued, “Created man from a clinging substance. Read, and your Lord is the most Generous. Who taught by the pen. Taught man that which he knew not.” (Allah almighty in the Qur’an surah Al-‘Alaq, 1-5)

And now, I realized that my German friend had shown me, about what does the Moslem must love in to, so much. Even if he was not a moslem at all! At All. And what an alhamdulillah! My self started to say, do you have to find another reason, besides what Allah has need to told you earlier? What is the bigger thing beside His love, right?

That sort of words literally came into my mind after looked at him. My friend from Germany, who taught me the way to love reading. And as long as I started to read, I think I will never regret it. Because, once I knew it, it was really enjoying, refreshing, re-making mind, re-upgrading knowledge, and made me feel better. And I think I will never found the way which tells me to forget my new hobby. After all, maybe that was a starting point of everything, and a very precious moment for me to started a new hobby. You may try it too, if you like 🙂

#sorry for any mistake in the grammar and text. I’m still trying. 😀

5 thoughts on “The Way I Love Reading

  1. Lagi di puncak2 kemalasan baca postingan ini berasa buka puasa jadinya.. inspiratif banget bg. La beberapa hari terakhir emg sering mikir dan envy sama org yang begitu nyaman baca buku, betah berlama2 dengan buku2 tebal. Berarti memang bukan hal yang tak mungkin mmbentuk sebuah hobi di usia dua puluhan, ya? 😀

    Syukran jzk bg…!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Afwan.. Alhamdulillah la.. awalnya juga gitu, tp insya Allah setelah dimulai justru kt rasa gak bs lepas.. rasa ada aja yg kurang kalau belum baca..


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