Life must go on, and whatever it will, you are just the main character of that life. And though, I think the main character should do something intersting to get the best story, although there is always SomeOne Who being a story Maker.

I just wondering when I was watching a video in internet about being human, I mean, in Islam. How is to be a human being. We, and exactly us, were choosen by our selves to take a very big purpose to be a chaliphate of God. You know, being a human exactly a very difficult choice whether the mountain even can’t handle it.

But we are the best creation of Him since this entire universe had been created. Even better than anything of His creation. And we, are given with a freedom to choose, whatever we’d like to do. Not like an angel that always do good and never doing bad, or not like an animal who just ain’t know about anything -what their purposes are.

Hm, maybe I just wondering too much about something seriuously, but this thing seems to be like a.. something really important for me as the main character of my life story. That thing is, something I called, passion.

Do you have any passion for living? Something like, being happy to do it, being grateful, or kind of addiction..? And, do you have found what are you like to be most? What kind of character do you fit best.. Like being a doctor, or teacher, or worker, or farmer, or something else? Hm, I think that really means a lot for us. Don’t we?

As I am now, being a doctor was a very long dream that has exactly been dreamed since I was a child, without realizing is that dream really represents what do you want to be most. I wonder. As a doctor, I am really happy when I can handle a patient goodly, see their smile and being healthy after their sicknesses.. But really there were another things that I don’t really get my self, hm..something like I don’t really like the most, like being extraverted, well tounge, react fast and think quickly, and ordered by other person with higher hirearchy. Maybe… it’s all because I found my self a little bit introvert -kind of something like that-, and also a softhearted melancholic boy. No kidding. And I think thats really hard to explain. Hmph.. Hha.

But until now, maybe because time is running fast, and day to day I started to learn the main and true character of my self, I thougt I was a bit wrong. Maybe I have another passion. Well, what exactly is that? Hm, maybe I just passed the beginning scene of the story, and I dont really know how about the next story will be. But I’m really sure about something, that..

Whatever passion that you have, and what character that you will be, you have to face it with wholeheartedly. Enjoy it, feel it, and be happy and grateful for it. 🙂


#sorry for my bad English. 😛


4 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Semangat buat perjuangan menjadi dokternya, semoga sukses ya Mas :hehe. Kalau passion masih ada dan masih bisa diikuti, maka saran saya, ikuti dan kejarlah passion itu. Pun ketika berjalan paralel dengan karir, yang penting kita bisa menikmati keduanya :hihi. Semoga sukses!


  2. Passion, mengejar cita sesuai hati dan pikiran. Passion membuat kita bahagia walaupun berat perjuangan untuk meraihnya. Smgat ya mas sdh menggapai passion menjadi dokter. Passion kita kadang lebih dari satu, ambil yg paling disukai untuk fokus, lainnya insya Allah akan mengiringi. Mitha

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