A Message for Life

Hello life. How are you right now? I hope that you are always enjoying the day which comes. Because you are not here right now if you were made for nothing. But now, you have been growing up and facing the world for twenty three years.

Do you still remember about the promises that you spoke when you met up with your God back then? About what you life for, who will you standing with, and how will you walking through. I hope that you are not forgetting that hard moment. When you agreed to be His Caliph for this world even the hills and mountains couldn’t. Verily, you have to remember it once again.

Oh life, what will you face tomorrow? Do you know? Ya, of course not. But is there any thing you have learned from your past? You have grown up for this years and you did know nothing? How poor if you didn’t.

To life. I remind you. Please do something. Don’t ever satisfied with the world given to you. It will not made anything good for you after this. But please make something for the day after you are coming again to another world. You know what I mean.

This is how I can speak to you oh life. Find something for your second life. Because today isn’t the time to play and watch. You are something for the big thing after tomorrow. 🙂

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