Co-asst Story

The Road to be A Fine Doctor

Fine doctor. That means expert, smart, excellent, very good, and the most important one, liked by the others. I just want to be that kind. There must be a lot of challenge to get that.

Now here, I realize that I’m no longer a child. I’ve been a bachelor of medicine. That a quite struggle to get that, and to be a doctor, it must be more challenging.

And now, it’s running. My second challenge to be a doctor, my first challenge in my third decade. Everything has done is nothing, but Allah has given and wanted me to done. As long as I keep dreaming, working hard and praying, everything will be possible, insya Allah. I believe that, because He has said that.

“And your Lord said, Call upon Me, I will answer you.” (Holy Qur’an, Al Mu’min: 60)

Now, alhamdulillah, my Lord takes me into the next chapter of my life. Being a coasst, a young doctor-red. I know, there must be hard, and maybe I’ll face unpredictable challenge in there. But it’s very okay, I mean, to be a fine doctor, that must be faced. The hard one. I hope I could be a better person with that. I don’t want to be a weak one! I prayed.

Welcome my self. You’re in the road now, the road to be a fine doctor.


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