Understanding People

People have their own character. Everybody has the difference. And it’s quite important to know each other, because they will be a guidance to make a daily living. Such as me, a new comer doctor in a hospital of my hometown.

Oh, I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Andrew, 24th, the first son of my parents. I have one sibling, little brother. He is a student in University of my province’s capital. I was graduated from the same university of my brother just about last year. They gave me a honour to be titled with M.D. (Medical Doctor), as people known. And actually, I’m not a British  nor American man who can speak English fluently with no doubt and feeling to be mistaken. I’m just a man who lived in outside border of another unpopular country.

But wait, I’m just telling you about something that I called ‘character’ of the people. Not to be sound like a high-scholar person, I only try to make the definition to be correct. I just found this term when I was in a duty.

One day, I was working in an emergency room of the hospital. You know, that place is a room where you will get stressed enough to find some people come with random and unexpectedly condition of illnesses. You could found people cried loudly with amazing pain inside of their body, or just got a severe accident so you could see blood comes out of the entire body, fracture of any bones, or more severe than that would be almost possible, or the people that didn’t respond at all with any commands or responses given, and well, sometime you would find some people who walking leisurely -with smile a bit- but then they forced you that they were in emergency. Well. πŸ˜†

When I worked in a shift, me as a new comer doctor, of course, has another peer who guided me at the first time. He or she was a doctor, that will be my best mentor at the time -of course, because of his or her experiences to treat the sick people in the room. There were also some of teammates who would help you to treat the patients who come. They were nurses, gurney-man, administrator, security, pharmacist, laboratorist, and some of students of nursemaid.

But that was the worst day in my duty. I got stomach-ache. Really bad. I also had a diarrhea. But I must worked at the same time. Besides, it was a night. And there should my friends duty but I replaced him because my friend -who also newcomer doctor-, in a sick condition. He had fever, and his house was too far from the hospital, so He couldn’t stay to make a duty. So I was there to replace him.

I was trying to treat the patients in my best. But sometimes I had to go to toilets to get off from my aches. Seven times! πŸ˜₯ I went and out from toilets almost seven times, and I thought I should to surrender. I didn’t tell anybody but my peer. He, who older than me was a kind doctor. He asked me to get a rest when the patients were not to crowded in the room. He told me to drink medicine, two tablets of lodia, and a lot of water. I was very thankful, then I got rest. But in the middle of the night, when we were sleeping in the doctor’s room, a patient comes with a dyspnea. I didn’t realize that, and my peer -who more senior than me treated the patient alone with the nurses. Meanwhile, I continue my sleep without knowing anything.

When I woke up in the nearly dawn, I realized that my peer was sitting alone in the counter. I get up and washed my face then helped him. But then, the one of nurse quipped my peer. He said.

“You must be a very kind senior who just let his junior got a sleep when the senior is in a duty.”

He told my peer in front of my face. And what should I say?

Oh come one. You can’t judge the people just from the outside. You must know what the reason behind the situation, and you should watch your mouth, not to say anything hurt!

Then I realized that, we have to understand people more deeply before we trying to know somebody.

#Englishfriday, Part 1. – Ends.
NB. Pardon my bad English. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Understanding People

  1. What a nice post. Indeed, we cannot judge people from the first impression nor from their appearance. Yet, sometimes people’s judging are inevitable. A mutual understanding is needed prior knowing somebody, as a starting point to build a new relationship or network :).

    I’ll wait for the next part πŸ™‚

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